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Coffee, Cake, Pastries, Italian Delicacies, and beyond...

Coffee, Cake, Pastries, Italian Delicacies, and beyond... Over a decade ago, brothers Paolo & Donato embarked on a culinary journey, giving birth to P&D. This venture symbolizes the epitome of Italian culinary excellence, embracing simplicity and the finest local ingredients.


At its core, P&D is fueled by a profound passion for the vibrant ambiance characteristic of Italian enterprises. Gran Caffè embodies this spirit, bringing the robust coffee culture of Italy directly to the heart of Liverpool.


Italian Flavours,
Fresh Daily

Indulge in our fresh croissants, Italian cakes, freshly squeezed juices, and expertly brewed coffee. Experience a taste of Italy with every visit, whether for a morning boost or an afternoon delight. Gran Caffè, where every bite and sip is a journey.

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