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About Us

Coffee, Cake, Pastries, Italian Delicacies and more...

Founded over 10 years ago by brothers Paolo & Donato, P&D stands for excellent Italian cuisine cooked simply with local produce. Driven by a love for the rich atmosphere that can be found in every Italian business, the Gran Caffè transports the strong coffee culture of the Italian homeland to the city of Liverpool.


The original P&D Deli

The Gran Caffè can be found on the first floor of the Italian Quarter next to the P&D Bakery. Serving numerous types of coffee and tea, our coffee is made from quality beans offering traditional coffees the way they were intended.

Paired with a freshly baked croissant, pastry or dessert the Gran Caffè offers a quality experience in warm and welcoming surroundings.

And to top it off, you will be spoiled for choice with more than 20 different varieties of gelato made in-house by our ice cream expert Antonietta.

‘In Italy, we take time over our food, we savour it and I would like to see that happening in this country.’

The Gran Caffè originally known as P&D Deli was opened in 2011 by brothers Paolo and Donato.

The Italian duo from the picturesque town of Potenza spent years researching and sourcing suppliers from their home region in order to open the first Italian deli in Liverpool.

The brothers wanted to create a one stop shop with real Italian dishes, cooked fresh every morning on site with traditional ingredients.

Now solely run by Donato, the most important thing to him is giving the customers satisfaction and seeing everyone really enjoying the food and relaxing. It is so important to Donato that the love and passion from their family goes into every delicacy that is made.

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